Social Media
Social media and networking between customers, business owners, and service providers has become the backbone of the Internet ecosystem. The utilization of Social networks has become indispensable for businesses and brands. Browser Based Solutions uses this to your company's advantage by integrating your website using the latest social media technology and can take it a step further by customizing applications that integrate or live inside of a social network.

The place where people get together and form online communities is where your company needs to associate with the target audience. Social networking portals have rapidly evolved into functional market platforms that facilitate business collaborations and intelligent leads on the web.

Social networking systems can be used to create professional as well as niche social networks. Networking means marketing in this digital age of instant deals and transactions. Millions of potential customers are surfing the web every second and many spend lots of time using their favorite social network tools.

Browser Based Solutions (BBS) can work with you to create a social network of your own that accelarates your business and makes your customers the brand ambassadors.